Who Should Enroll in System Success?

You can take this workshop no matter what type of planner you use. Don’t have a planner? Even better, I will show you how to create a planning system that will allow you to choose a planner that suits you BEST!

  • You are someone who has a checklist of tasks but nothing else and you are in need of MORE in order to be, and feel more organized.

  • You are inconsistent with your planner/plans because you don’t know what you need, and are not seeing any improvement or stability in your life.

  • You are overwhelmed with your current planning system, or lack thereof, and would like to create something that will get you the results that matter

  • Last but not least, you wish everyday that you had your very own personal assistant who could keep track of everything in your life, specifically for you.

Results You Can Expect...

  • You can expect to develop a personalized planning system that allows you to know what you should plan, in order to get the results that you want in the area improvement is needed.

  • You can expect to create a system that allows more proactiveness instead of reactiveness. Be prepared for things that need planning instead of going day to day clueless and reactive.

  • You can expect to be less overwhelmed, feel as though you have it all together and finally be able to use your planner as your very own personal assistant.

What Student's Are Saying

“This workshop should be mandatory for all planner newbies. I have been in the planner community since 2013-2014 and working through all the different modules really allowed me to see what planner system works for me, what my pillars are, and why I felt, honestly, inadequate, compared to all the planner influencers. This workshop isn't just for your planner, it has also helped me in my career, I am now more focused, productive, and my initiative at work has gone way up. Please take the time for yourself, and really go through this workshop, I promise you will come out of it with a deeper understanding of yourself. Thank you Vienna for all of the work you put into this workshop and guide!”

Vanessa Morneau

“I really loved this training. It was reaffirming that we all have our own individual needs when it comes to planning. The content was targeted and helpful. It was worth investing in and great timing to start the new year.”

Melinda Avila

“I figured out some redundancies and came up with a planning routine that will help me yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily. SO GOOD to break it down like this.”

Emily Adams

“Some of my BIGGEST takeaways from this workshop is being consistent and staying in my size.”

Mianca Tran

Enroll In System Success

Let's get into the details of what you get when you enroll!

  • System Success Workshop - Over an hour of video trainings, including the P.R.E.P Method, which you can only get in this workshop. [Value: $125+]

  • System Success Workbook - 20+ pages of guided workbook pages, intended to help you work through the workshop. [VALUE: $45]

  • Pick Your Planner Guide - A guide to help you find the planner that best compliments you. [BONUS] [VALUE: $45]

Total Value: $215

Course Curriculum

What you will learn in System success

    1. Welcome to System Success

    2. Download Your System Success Workshop Guide

    3. Intake Survey

    1. What A System Is

    2. What A System Looks Like When It Comes To Planning

    3. The 6 Components Of A Working Planning System

    1. The P.R.E.P Method?

    2. Personalize

    3. Results

    4. Enhance

    5. Pillars

    1. Bringing It All Together

    1. Determining WHEN You Will Plan

    2. Determining WHAT You Will Plan

    3. Solidifying Your Personalized Planning Routine

    1. The Different Types Of Planners

    2. How To Choose Your Ideal Planner

    3. How Your New System Should Work With Your Planner Choice

  • $57.00
  • 23 lessons

Hi I'm Vienna Ortiz

Your Instructor

Vienna Ortiz

I’m here to help! I’ve been where you are once, and I want to teach you all that I know. I’ve been sharing planning strategies and productivity tips on YouTube and Instagram successfully for 8 years. I am ready to help, if you’re ready to learn & take ACTION!
5 star rating

Came for my planner, left with knowledge that I can use in all aspects of life

Vanessa Morneau

Vienna, This workshop not only breaks down what a planning system is down to its foundation, it also makes you break down what and who you are to your foundation. I now have the knowledge of what my planning system needs, how it will work for me,...

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Vienna, This workshop not only breaks down what a planning system is down to its foundation, it also makes you break down what and who you are to your foundation. I now have the knowledge of what my planning system needs, how it will work for me, and make life so much easier. Invest in this workshop, invest in yourself.

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  • What can I expect from System Success?

    You will be able to use your login to access the workshop . There is a welcome video, 4 modules and a closing video. Each module has mini lessons in it.

  • Will this be self paced?

    Yes, the entire workshop is self based. You can work through the content at your convenience.

  • How long will I have access to the workshop?

    You will have a year from the date of purchase to access the workshop.

  • When will I get my bonuses?

    You will get all of your bonuses when the workshop goes live.